Hi, I am Alishaan Asaria

A tireless seeker of knowledge, an occasional purveyor of wisdom, a value creator and the epitome of the arrogance of youth.

I graduate in July, figured it was time to make a portfolio. I am looking for Freelance Web Development and Digital Marketing projects to work on. Write me an email on info@alishaan.work if you wish to work with me or to just say hi.

I am also available on Github, Dribble, Codepen, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin.

I enjoy designing and developing web apps, reading books, conducting thought experiments, playing socccer, getting to top of mountains, learning and pursuing my ridiculous goals.

I used to think I was an interesting person, but it has been a sobering experience to know that my life story can be filled in one page. The primary goal of this website is to get clients in any of the fields mentioned, secondary is to get endorsements on Linkedin.